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How do I order?

-Here is a step-by-step guide explaining all you need to know about this website and how to order, pay etc.


STEP-BY-STEP How to order:


To view the jewelleries you can choose ”Collections” at the front page on the left side.

Selecting this will display the jewelleries´ names according to the different collections.

For example; if you choose ”ELIXIR” the entire ”ELIXIR” collection will be displayed, with all its items in this collection; earrings, bracelets, necklaces etc.

It is also possible to view for example only earrings.

At the left side of the front page under ”Categories” the different options are listed: Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc.

After choosing ”Collection” or ”Category” all the items available according to your selection are displayed. You can click on either the picture of the jewellery OR the ”learn more” button. From here you are directed to the next page, where you can read product information about the jewellery, zoom in on the items, view prices and more.

To buy an item click the ”Add to basket” button on the right side.
On the left side under ”View basket” it is possible to view the content of your basket, which is constantly updated when you add any item. It is possible at any point to view how many items are placed in your basket and how much the total amount of the items is.

If you click the ”View basket” you are directed to your basket. From here you will be guided through your purchase, in that way you are able to finish and place your order. The procedure is described in the following.


1) Basket

Here it is possible to delete or change the number of items. Remember to click ”update” if you make any changes. When everything is correct click ”continue” at the bottom of the right side to proceed your order.

2) Address

Fill in your personal information (and if needed a different delivery address) and click the ”continue” button to proceed your order.

NOTE: It is important to fill in all spaces.

It is possible to get your order gift-wrapped. If you would like this, fill in the ”Remark” space and type: ”Gift-wrap wanted”


3) Shipment.

Click the desired delivery method and the preferred payment method. Click ”continue” to proceed your order. The following cards are accepted:

Dankort, Visa, VisaElectron, Mastercard, JCB, Maestro, VPay and PayPal.

We do not accept cheque or bank transfer.


4) Confirm

The items in your basket are displayed including how many you have ordered along with price and total amount including shipment.

Please check that your order is correct one last time. We kindly ask you to check that the delivery information is correct.

Before you continue, you are asked to tick the box ”I accept the terms of this purchase” (This space must be filled in to proceed the purchase). It is important that you read the terms and conditions of  ZARAHVOIGT.COM. To do so click on the button ”Terms and conditions of purchase”.

When everything is correct click the ”Confirm” button to proceed to payment.


5) Payment

Choose which type of payment card you would like to use for your purchase.

The card number has to be typed in. It is the 16-digit number that you find on the front page of your card.

The security code is a 3-digit number that you find on the back of your card in the very right corner.

Your order is now registered and we will process it as fast as possible.




At the top of the homepage the following buttons are displayed all the time:



By clicking this button you are taken to the front page at ZARAHVOIGT.COM.



Read about the designer Zarah Voigt, her background and how she finds inspiration for the jewellery.

There is also a list of retailers who carry ZARAH VOIGT jewellery.



Read about how to navigate the site and how to purchase the jewellery.

Here you will also find F.A.Q. the most frequently asked questions and the answers hereto.


Read about the terms and conditions of placing orders at ZARAHVOIGT.COM.

Here you can also see our policies about cancellation and exchanging.


Read about the different delivery methods for Denmark, the EU and overseas.


Sign up for our newsletter and receive information via e-mail when we get new collections in store, have special discounts etc.


Here you will find ZARAHVOIGT.COMs contact information including address and map-location to find our ZARAH VOIGT Boutique in Copenhagen along with opening hours of the shop.






These are some of the most frequently asked questions and the answers:


Do I need to have an account to shop at ZARAHVOIGT.COM?

-No. You can shop  without having an account. But an account makes it a lot easier for you, because you don´t have to type in your address and personal information each time you wish to shop.


Where can I find more colours of the jewellery, I can only see one colour of each design?

-If you choose the jewellery design you are interested in, and then click on the "CHOOSE COLOUR" button in the right side of the page - here you can see and choose between the colours that this specific design comes in.

Can I see the jewellery somewhere?

-Yes, you can find all our jewellery collections in our ZARAH VOIGT shop in Copenhagen. Please go to CONTACT to find the address and shop opening hours.



Please also see our TERMS AND CONDITIONS where you can read more about the rules and regulations when ordering at ZARAHVOIGT.COM.


If you still have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: