Z A R A H   V O I G T

The danish designer Zarah Voigt
is well-known for her ability to create lavish and sophisticated unique collections.

Zarah Portrait·
With the multitude of a poet her jewellery are elegantly refined in their own language of personal forms.
In her ability to articulate
the ´goût de l'époque´,
Zarah Voigt is inspired by
the sweltering richness of the theatre.
-She boils it down into the miniature-world of jewellery, and generates small theatre-sets, stargazing-universes,
with the discipline of Couture.
Noble metals, sinister silveresque shadows glister in the midnight
while golden dreamy volumnious clouds overwhelmingly caresses the skin.

Nuages Baroque Petite Pearl Earrings·
Zarah Voigt is educated by master - her Father the Multi-Artist Jean Voigt - as a Scenographer for stage and in Haute Couture-techniques.
She went on to study Fine Arts in London and have worked as a scenographer
creating set designs and costumes for several theatre plays,
-along working in different fields
of the fashion world.
Zarah Voigt works primarily with silver and gold - creating exquisite and glamorous collections - always with her striking dramatic and graphic design signature.

The scene is set for either serious extravagant haute couture decadence
or colours and glitter in highly playful mood.
Pieces with strong architectural
and iconic identity.
Each half year new collections are being launched - everything handmade and manufactured by highest standard.
The collections are distributed to selected international high-end shops and webshops.
While the designer´s exquisite one-of unique pieces can be found in her own design store.

Nuages Baroque Miroir Earrings