The Wondrous Tales of Jewellery - ZARAH VOIGT Book


ZARAH VOIGT "The Wondrous Tales of Jewellery"
(Smykkets Forunderlige Sprog)

Written by Maria Sander 2012

Written language: English / Danish.

Published June 2012.

Book about the jewellery works of ZV and her inspiration.

Winner of: Best Photo/Art Book in 2013.

Nominated as `The World´s Most Beautiful Book` 2013, Leipzig.

The book is cloth bound in black cotton with ZARAH VOIGT engraved in the front cover.
Furthermore the book has a dust cover made of silver metallic mirror foil.

The book is a portrait of the jewellery artist Zarah Voigt, her collections and life with additionally full page colour spreads of her astonishing jewellery universe - along with fine hand drawings of her previous collections.


Published: 08-06-2012
Edition: 1
Written by: Maria Sander
English Translation: Rasmus Sandbjerg-Sloth
Photos: Vagn-Ebbe Kier
Art work & Layout: Claus Nørgaard
Print: ClausenGrafisk
Publisher: Sophienholm
Cloth bound with front dust cover in silver metallic foil
Language: English and Danish

Kindly leave a note if you would like a private signature by jewelry artist Zarah Voigt on one of the first pages of the book.